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Our Minister: Reverend Greg Colby

Our Minister: Reverend Greg Colby

Reverend Greg Colby and his family, wife Belinda, and two of their seven children, Dearne (then 16) and Kayne (then 7) arrived in our parish in December 2017.  Both Greg and Belinda come from a background of caring for people in youth, church and aged care settings and have a passion for sharing the love of God with people who might not be used to giving church even a second thought!

A passionate advocate of permaculture; a system of living ones life in harmony with nature instead of against it, Greg has brought to the parish an earnest desire to engage people in understanding their relationship with God through the lens of eco-theology and care for God's creation.   You will catch Greg working in his own veggie patch out front of the rectory most afternoons, and shortly, you'll catch him at either one of the two community gardens our parish is developing at our centres in Belmont North and Redhead.

The thing Greg loves to hear from people above all else is that they have finally found that even they can be loved by the God who created this universe.

Bald, bearded and tattooed, Greg carries with him the marks of a life deeply impacted by the redemptive love and mercy of God, "No one is outside of the reach of God's love" Greg is often heard to say.   One thing he likes to challenge people with is to identify what might separate the lived experience of a 15 year old street dwelling drug addict, suffering the trauma of abuse, and a priest in the Anglican Church?  His answer?  "In my case, not a thing - they're both me".

You can make contact with Greg for any reason at all on the number at top of this site, or by using this contact form.