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Service Registration

Why is there a need to register to attend our church services?

The gradual easing of COVID-19 restrictions by the NSW State Government allows for places of worship to have gatherings of no more than 50 people in the congregation. The Incumbent/Locum, Musician and Church Official are in addition to the congregation. The number of additional persons present must not exceed 5. Gatherings can be for Sunday Worship, Church Services (including communion) and study/growth groups.

In order to better facilitate contact tracing in the event of an incidence of Covid-19 infection, we are asking all those who wish to attend any of our services,  be they a visitor or a long time member of the parish, to register their details prior to attending.  This will also help us in managing numbers – we have the ability to safely seat thirty four (34) people at our Belmont North centre, and so we must not exceed that number.  If you have not registered you will not be able to attend a service.

We are currently in Stage Two of the re-opening phase and direction from the Bishop may change at any time in response to managing COVID-19.

The health and safety of all people attending our sites is paramount and it is essential that there is strict adherence to the measures outlined within the Fact Sheets and re-opening application form below.

A CovidSafe return for Opportunity Shops and similar shops will be available soon. Permission is not yet available for Sunday School (and other youth and children’s activities), cafes and other food related events.