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What is Messy Families?

This is a really good question. Most people if asked what's the first thing that comes to mind when they think of a church service would not immediately think of fun and games, craft, dancing and shared meals!  But that's what Messy Families incorporates.  We want the whole family to be inspired by the story of Jesus of Nazareth - we don't focus on just the adults, or just the young ones.  We believe that when we gather it should be meaningful for all who gather together.

Plan a visit

Messy Families takes a bit of planning and work to organise and so at the moment we only meet once per month.  We gather together on the 3rd Sunday evening of each month from 4:30pm, going until about 6:30.  We start with a game (for the whole family - yep even parents get to have some fun, playing and enjoying themselves) and some craft based around a theme for the whole service.  Then we have "Story Time", an entirely different kind of sermon than anything we think you would have experienced at a 'regular' church service.


Does it cost anything?

We don't 'charge' families anything to attend Messy Families - this is a church service after all, even though it's different to anything you may have experienced before.  We do however encourage families to support the service in ways they feel best fits their abilities.  This can mean bringing food to share, or helping to provide craft materials. It can also mean financial support.  We appreciate every bit and kind of support families feel free to provide.

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