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Our COVID Safety Plan

At BNR Anglican Parish we take seriously our responsibility to keep everyone who visits us safe, and that means that we have developed a COVIDSafety Plan which we have registered with the NSW Government.

In order to keep everyone as safe as possible we will

  • Exclude staff and congregants who are unwell from the premises.
  • Provide staff with information and training on COVID-19, including when to get tested, physical distancing and cleaning.
  • Make staff aware of their leave entitlements if they are sick or required to self-isolate.
  • Display conditions of entry (website, social media, venue entry).
  • Consider offering online services or alternative arrangements for people in high-risk categories(e.g. over 70 years).
  • Ensure COVID-19 Safety Plans are in place, where relevant, for:
    • Hiring out our premises
    • weddings
    • funerals.

Along with the above, the following guidelines are in place as well.

  • Our Belmont North worship centre Capacity can not exceed 45 people, or one visitor per 4 square metres of  space (excluding staff), whichever is lesser.  At the moment we have not re-opened our Redhead worship centre for public worship, although it is available for very small meetings.  Our Redhead worship centre can not exceed 20 people, or one visitor per 4 square metres of  space (excluding staff), whichever is lesser.
  • Group singing or chanting is particularly high risk and so we continue to avoid this practice (as hard as this is for us!)
  • Wedding and funeral services can have a maximum capacity of 45 people if held at our Belmont North centre. See the NSW Government website for wedding and funeral service COVID-19 Safety Plans.
  • We have move or removed tables and seating where possible
  • Reduce crowding wherever possible and promote physical distancing.
  • Where reasonably practical, ensure staff maintain 1.5 metres physical distancing at all times, including at meal breaks and in office or meeting rooms.
  • Use telephone or video for essential meetings where practical.
  • Review regular deliveries and request contactless delivery and invoicing where practical.
  • Have strategies in place to manage gatherings that may occur immediately outside the premises, such as at the conclusion of services. We ask that everyone who attends one of our services makes their way directly to their vehicle at the conclusion of each service to avoid ‘doorway’ gatherings.
  • Solo singing and wind instruments, can spread COVID-19 if a participant is infected. Additional planning around these activities has been undertaken from a work health and safety perspective, including ensuring we have only one singer who stands 3 metres away from the congregation.

Sure, it’s a lot of work and takes meticulous planning – but we think you and your family are worth taking the extra effort.